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  • Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kits

Bleeding toenail after a nail trim at home? Cut paw while hiking? Having a first aid kit handy will help hold your pet over before [...]

Pet First Aid Kits2019-12-05T21:52:36+00:00
  • Tips For Bathing Your Dog

Tips For Bathing Your Dog

Tips For Bathing Your Dog It's time for your dog to have a bath time it's just a matter of taking him through a proper bathing technique. If your [...]

Tips For Bathing Your Dog2019-08-08T19:12:41+00:00

Tick Prevention

At Chantilly Animal Hospital we care about your pet's health. If you have any concerns about your pet and ticks, please schedule an appointment with us today. [...]

Tick Prevention2019-09-10T16:56:19+00:00

Spring Health Tips

Dogs tend to love spring because they get to spend more time outdoors. After being cooped up during the winter it is a joy for them to be able [...]

Spring Health Tips2019-08-08T19:19:05+00:00

Spring Hazards For Your Pets

Spring is just around the corner! Even though it’s exciting to finally see color in our yards, it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers spring plants and fertilizers pose [...]

Spring Hazards For Your Pets2019-08-08T19:20:17+00:00

Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet or you’re considering it, one of the most important health decisions you’ll make is to spay or neuter your cat or dog. It [...]

Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet2019-08-08T19:24:32+00:00

Pet Owner Best Practices

Chantilly Animal Hospital is here to support you and your pet. If you need help with your pet and its behavior, please consider our behavioral counseling services. [...]

Pet Owner Best Practices2019-09-10T16:57:28+00:00

Pet Emergency Kit

Since you never know when an accident will happen, keeping a pet emergency kit at your home is a good idea. You can put a first aid kit together [...]

Pet Emergency Kit2019-08-08T19:27:49+00:00

Parasites and Your Pet

Are you itching to protect your pets from parasites? Did you know? A single flea can drink 15 times its weight in blood each day You can buy 11 years of heartworm prevention [...]

Parasites and Your Pet2019-08-08T19:28:47+00:00

Oral Care For Your Pet

There are more benefits to a healthy smile than looking good and smelling fresh. Regular brushing can help prevent disease, infection, and tooth loss. All of these benefits are [...]

Oral Care For Your Pet2019-08-08T19:29:45+00:00

Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween can be a fun time for families and their pets. However, if safety precautions aren’t taken, it can also be a dangerous time for our four-legged animals. Here [...]

Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween2019-08-08T19:33:35+00:00

Its Your Home

The good news is that most puppies can be trained by four to six months of age. Here’s how to do Potty Train Your Puppy: Create a daily feeding [...]

Its Your Home2019-08-08T19:34:32+00:00

Is chocolate poisonous to dogs?

For dogs, a chemical in chocolate called theobromine is the source of the problem. Theobromine is similar to caffeine. Theobromine is toxic to a dog when it ingests between [...]

Is chocolate poisonous to dogs?2019-08-08T19:35:18+00:00

How to Travel Safely With Your Pet

Traveling with pets is becoming more and more popular. Today’s dogs, and even cats, are vacationing thanks to friendlier airlines, safety innovations, pet-friendly hotels, resorts, campsites, and restaurants with [...]

How to Travel Safely With Your Pet2019-08-08T19:38:26+00:00

How To Puppy Proof Your Home

Exploring the new surroundings of your home is one of the first things your new puppy will do when he arrives. When you see your home through his eyes, [...]

How To Puppy Proof Your Home2019-08-08T19:39:27+00:00

How to keep your dog healthy

In the last 50 years or so, the health of domestic dogs has declined dramatically. Dogs are getting serious diseases at younger ages and are living shorter lives. Clearly [...]

How to keep your dog healthy2019-08-08T19:11:02+00:00

Guidelines For Dog Training

No matter what you’re trying to teach your dog, from housetraining to “heel,” there are a few basic guidelines that will make the process go easier: Be consistent Use [...]

Guidelines For Dog Training2019-08-08T19:42:50+00:00

Giving Medications at Home

At Chantilly Animal Hospital, we do our best to explain to you how to give your pet medication at home. If you have any questions or need some pointers, [...]

Giving Medications at Home2019-09-10T16:58:00+00:00

Four Steps to a Healthy Adult Dog

How to make sure your dog attains his ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight for life. Track your dog’s weight Losing weight can propel your dog toward better [...]

Four Steps to a Healthy Adult Dog2019-08-08T19:46:01+00:00

Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

Some food that your cat should never eat: Raw Fish Human-grade sushi is generally safe for people, but it can cause gastrointestinal upset in cats, There is thiaminase in [...]

Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat2019-08-08T19:47:50+00:00

Fall Is Here, Is Your Dog Ready?

Fall has arrived, and that means colder weather is just around the corner. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has issued several tips to [...]

Fall Is Here, Is Your Dog Ready?2019-08-08T19:51:31+00:00

Chocolate Toxicity in Cats?

Cats, and especially kittens, are known for eating things they are not supposed to. This can be a dangerous combination when there is chocolate around. Chocolate is derived from [...]

Chocolate Toxicity in Cats?2019-08-08T20:03:26+00:00

Caring for your pet

Being a responsible pet owner is understanding what your pet needs and also being aware of what your responsibilities are to the community. Following are some basic rules for [...]

Caring for your pet2019-08-08T20:09:23+00:00

Caring for an Adopted Pet

You have adopted a new pet…congratulations! Get your new pet started off on the right paw with these basic behavioral and health care pointers: Be gentle and patient Animals [...]

Caring for an Adopted Pet2019-08-08T20:10:33+00:00

Active Indoor Cat

Chantilly Animal Hospital supports you and your active indoor cat. Keep your cat healthy with our wellness program.

Active Indoor Cat2019-09-10T16:58:50+00:00

Summer Heat Risks

Chantilly Animal Hospital cares about the health of your pets. If you have any concerns about your pet and the summer heat, please make an appointment today. [...]

Summer Heat Risks2019-09-10T17:00:27+00:00

Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

At Chantilly Animal Hospital, we focus on proactive and preventive care for your pet. Please schedule an appointment with our wellness services, to keep your pet at optimum health. [...]

Year-Round Heartworm Prevention2019-09-10T17:02:24+00:00

Corneal Ulcers

The clear front covering of the eye, known as the cornea, is a delicate structure. As such, corneal ulcers can result from trauma to the eye or one of [...]

Corneal Ulcers2019-07-31T19:55:42+00:00

Atopy – An Allergic Skin Reaction

You want your pet to look good and feel good. But if he’s suffering from atopy — an allergic skin reaction – neither is the case. The itching can make [...]

Atopy – An Allergic Skin Reaction2019-07-31T19:55:15+00:00

Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets

Some of these signs, such as weight loss and bad breath, may be indicative of cancer or they may signify other health problems. Regardless, they should always prompt a discussion with your [...]

Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets2019-07-31T19:57:11+00:00

Keeping Your Pet at a Healthy Weight

A roly-poly puppy or chubby kitten might look cute, but carrying extra fat can endanger your pet’s health. Here’s how to keep your pet’s weight in check. Why You Should Watch [...]

Keeping Your Pet at a Healthy Weight2019-07-31T19:56:30+00:00

Be Aware of Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

Being aware of potential hazards for your pet during the holiday season is important for their health and your peace of mind. Check out this video for more information! [...]

Be Aware of Holiday Hazards for Your Pet2019-09-10T17:04:20+00:00

Microchipping Your Pet

Microchipping your pet will make a big difference if they wander out of your yard or get lost for any other reason.  Check out our services for more information. [...]

Microchipping Your Pet2019-07-31T19:56:48+00:00

What Is Pet Insurance

Have you ever wondered what pet insurance is and if it's a good investment for you? We want to answer your questions!

What Is Pet Insurance2019-09-10T17:05:29+00:00

Arthritis and Your Pet

Arthritis can affect your aging pet. We will be with you every step of the way. Please check out our Silver Whiskers program today!

Arthritis and Your Pet2019-09-10T17:06:57+00:00

The Right Way to Introduce a Dog and Cat

Cats and dogs can coexist within the same family as long as you introduce them properly. Find out more here! Cartoon animals may drum up hilarious antics, but millions [...]

The Right Way to Introduce a Dog and Cat2019-07-31T19:57:10+00:00

The Rice and Fall of Diarrhea

Does your pet have an upset tummy? Find out why we recommend a homemade bland diet of rice and chicken for your furry friend! When your pet comes in for upset [...]

The Rice and Fall of Diarrhea2019-07-31T19:57:10+00:00

Boarding Your Cat

​Going on vacation? Looking for a place to board your feline friend? Find out what to look for when boarding your furry friend and how we can help! Overview [...]

Boarding Your Cat2019-07-31T19:55:23+00:00