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  • Lumps and Bumps

What to Do If You Find a Lump or Bump on Your Pet

Some of the scariest monsters for a pet owner are lumps and bumps... But often, these monsters aren’t so tough, especially when they’re discovered and treated [...]

What to Do If You Find a Lump or Bump on Your Pet2020-12-08T18:32:18+00:00
  • Pet First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kits

Bleeding toenail after a nail trim at home? Cut paw while hiking? Having a first aid kit handy will help hold your pet over before having [...]

Pet First Aid Kits2020-12-08T18:34:02+00:00

Tick Prevention

Ticks can live in almost any outdoor environment, but they especially love tall grasses and shrubs. Those areas are great for hitching a ride with your [...]

Tick Prevention2020-12-08T18:46:30+00:00
  • Pet Owner Best Practices

Pet Owner Best Practices

Being a good pet parent is an important responsibility. Here are some tips to help your pet have a long, healthy life: Spaying or neutering your [...]

Pet Owner Best Practices2020-03-23T07:34:59+00:00

Giving Medications at Home

Giving medication to your pet can be not so easy. Here are some tips to make things easier for everyone. First, try hiding the medication in food. Place [...]

Giving Medications at Home2020-12-08T18:43:32+00:00

Active Indoor Cat

Want your cat to explore their wild side without destroying your house? Try some of these suggestions to help keep your ferocious feline happy and healthy: [...]

Active Indoor Cat2020-03-23T07:32:58+00:00

Dog Nail Trimming

It’s possible to trim nails without you or your pet being stressed out. The trick to getting them comfortable with the idea is to introduce things [...]

Dog Nail Trimming2020-03-23T07:31:53+00:00

Summer Heat Risks

Hot summer days with your pet can be a lot of fun, but our four legged friends can be put in some pretty unpleasant and even [...]

Summer Heat Risks2020-03-23T07:31:11+00:00

Cat Nail Trimming

With a little time and patience, it’s possible to trim nails without you or your pet being stressed out. The trick to getting them comfortable with the [...]

Cat Nail Trimming2020-12-08T18:42:39+00:00

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

When you leave or return to the house, try to keep things as low key as possible – If you make greetings and goodbyes a big [...]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs2020-12-08T18:40:57+00:00

Year-Round Heartworm Prevention

The American Heartworm Society recommends that you get your pet tested every 12 months for heartworms and give your pet heartworm preventive 12 months a year. [...]

Year-Round Heartworm Prevention2020-03-23T07:28:32+00:00

Cats Love Car Trips

 Most cats HATE car trips to the vet. But with a few small changes, over time,  most cats can be trained to at least tolerate car [...]

Cats Love Car Trips2020-03-23T07:27:28+00:00

Wellness Testing

One of the trickiest things about being a good pet parent is knowing when your furry friend needs medical care. Sometimes it’s obvious, but other times [...]

Wellness Testing2020-03-23T07:26:44+00:00

Periodontal Disease

Bad breath is a symptom of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is when bacteria gets beneath the gums, destroying tissue surrounding the teeth. If left untreated, your pet [...]

Periodontal Disease2020-12-08T18:48:55+00:00

Be Aware of Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

The holidays can be a stressful time of the year – especially for pets. With a few small changes, you can ensure your decorations remain intact [...]

Be Aware of Holiday Hazards for Your Pet2020-03-23T20:33:54+00:00

What Is Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is increasingly popular with pet owners these days. But what is it exactly? Pet insurance is a safety net that ensures pets have access [...]

What Is Pet Insurance2020-03-23T07:20:17+00:00

Arthritis and Your Pet

Arthritis can affect your aging pet. Is your pet not enjoying life because of tiredness, stiff joints, or limping? Arthritis is a disease that affects normal [...]

Arthritis and Your Pet2020-03-23T07:19:18+00:00

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Is brushing your dog’s teeth something you and your dog don’t look forward to? We want to help you! Brushing doesn’t have to be a battle. [...]

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult2020-12-08T18:49:47+00:00
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