Dog lovers will admit that feeding their dogs with home cooked food is one of the most effective ways of keeping them healthy. Many who have had an experience with processed and canned foods may roll their eyes at the mention of these foods when it comes to liver health.

This is because the pet owners want to provide healthy and nutritious meals that will extend the dog’s lifespan by making the liver function at its optimal, and canned dog food isn’t a good option for doing that.

Do you believe that liver cleansing for dogs has something to do with their lifespan? Well, if you do, you are not on the wrong track altogether. It is actually one of the essential elements to keep dogs alive for longer. There are certain things that you can do to ensure that your dog’s liver is optimally functioning. For instance, feeding your dog with raw foods is one way to keep the liver healthy. Serious problems always result when you feed your dog with processed foods mostly containing too much fat. Besides overburdening the liver, they can cause nutritional deficiencies in your dog.

How many times does a dog need a liver to cleanse?

Veterinarians will recommend that you take your dog for liver cleansing at least twice a year to keep it in a good shape. All you need is a veterinary who can do good liver cleansing. The liver is a significant organ that plays a vital role in the aspect of a dog’s overall organ function. Evidently, you will observe a positive impact from liver cleansing in areas such as energy level, skin and coat health, digestion, mobility, immune system, stamina among other fundamental aspects of a dog.

Practical ways for dog liver cleansing

You do not have to wait for liver enzyme elevation in your dog to consider liver cleansing. Generally, liver imbalances in canines occur quite often. Using liver detox every 6-12 months is one of the beneficial ways of keeping the liver healthy and the enzyme level at the right point.

You may also want to pick low-fat foods for your dog. Greasy meals do not do well with liver. Some of these fatty foods include large bone marrows with high-fat content, fatty meats such as bison, duck and fatty lambs. Vitally, the right food for your dog will prevent many liver-related health issues. Incidentally, when the liver cleansing is through, you need to provide vital supplements for your dog so the liver can heal quite fast and thrive.

Sometimes, liver enzymes elevate to certain levels that may pose threat to your dog’s health. Monitor the condition of your dog’s health to avoid these elevations from occurring. In cases where the enzyme elevation is severe, promptly take the dog to a veterinarian in Courtland Manor, NY for immediate treatment. Otherwise, for less severe cases, use enzyme-regulating products from a veterinary hospital to treat the condition. Continual treatment will restore things back to normal in a matter of one month or two months.

As you can see, you need to be choosy when it comes to feeding your dog as the right food will keep your dog healthy and happy.