Dental cleanings are so important for your feline family member. Find out what to expect and what services we offer to help!

What is involved with professional teeth cleaning visit for my cat?

It all starts with an exam room evaluation. When rough tartar accumulates on tooth surfaces and touches the gum line, it’s time for a professional oral assessment, treatment, and prevention visit. This visit will include a thorough dental examination, teeth cleaning, and polishing to remove the tartar and invisible plaque from all of the tooth surfaces.

Your veterinarian may perform pre-anesthetic blood tests to ensure that kidney and liver function are satisfactory for anesthesia, as well as an evaluation of the heart and abdomen if needed.

What happens during the exam?

For proper dental care, your cat must be placed under general anesthesia. Once your cat is closely monitored under general anesthesia, your veterinarian and veterinary assistants will thoroughly examine the mouth, noting abnormalities in the medical record.

Dental x-rays will be examined and a dental probe will be used to evaluate gum bleeding and periodontal pockets, where food can accumulate if not cared for. When periodontal disease is advanced, it may not be possible to save badly affected teeth, which may need to be extracted.

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