We got our first puppy seven months ago and were referred to Chantilly Animal Hospital by a few friends. Our pup has seen Dr. Tohill and Dr. Bingaman along with Dr. McGrath who was over from Falls Church Animal Hospital. All of the vets along with the staff have been great. Since this is our first puppy/dog, I have had many questions and the doctors have been great about spending time with me, sharing training videos and other advice. We’ve gotten all the puppy shots done and the neutering. They kept our pup overnight as a precaution to make sure he was not too active and they called a couple of days later to check on him. He did great! We had one situation where I was worried he had eaten something he shouldn’t and was dealing with constipation and then diarrhea and they got him on some meds and within a couple of days he was much better. I’ve also called the office with questions and they have been able more than helpful. We also used Mandy for our pup’s first grooming and she did a good job. I don’t have any veterinary experience to compare CAH with but so far, so good, and I’m happy with the care that our puppy has received and appreciated the time they have taken with me as a first-time dog owner.
– Sandy G.K.