My dog and I had our first visit to the Chantilly Animal Hospital on July 2nd, and all of the staff there were amazingly helpful and kind. My dog is an 8 month old with much energy who was nervous in the new setting of the vet’s office. The vet assistant and Dr. Schreier quickly made my dog feel comfortable and safe. The Chantilly Animal Hospital team took out my dog’s sutures from his neutering surgery, gave him two vaccine injections, and BKT ointment in one of his ears. I was super grateful that they let me hold my dog still throughout all of these procedures. Towards the end of our visit as I was paying, I remembered a question that I forgot to ask, so I asked the receptionist if I could ask the vet one more question. The receptionist quickly went to get Dr. Schreier, and Dr. Schreir came right out and thoroughly answered my question. Dr. Schreier and her assistant are extremely knowledgable and professional, and they patiently explained all treatment options in easy-to-understand terms. All of the Chantilly Animal Hospital staff are friendly, respectful, and extremely knowledgable about treating pets. The pricing was very fair and affordable. Today Chantilly Animal Hospital won my family’s business in convincing fashion. Keep up the great work Chantilly Animal Hospital Staff!
– Anon