When you decide to go on a road trip or vacation, you have to decide what to do with your pets. Most pet owners feel guilty about leaving their furry friends behind, especially when they consider them part of the family!

There are some options including getting a pet sitter or using boarding facilities, but some people prefer traveling with their pets. If you do decide to take your cats with you, you have to decide where to go and how to travel. Air travel can be costly and inconvenient, not to mention uncomfortable for the pet. Fortunately, a road trip can work perfectly especially if you follow some simple steps.

Visit the vet clinic

Before you travel, make sure that you schedule a visit to a veterinary clinic in Briarcliff Manor, New York for an ‘all clear’. Make sure that you have copies of certificates of current rabies vaccination especially when traveling long distance. Check with locations where you are going and find out any vaccinations that they require so that you carry all the certificates you need.

Plan your route

It is important to plan your route carefully when you decide to travel with your pets. Look for pet-friendly hotels along your route and remember that planning ahead will help you to avoid disappointment. It is not enough to rely on online information, call ahead and confirm that your feline friend is welcome. You need to know that some hotels place limits on the types of pets that they allow.

Consider RVing

It may be a good idea to consider renting an RV for your cross-country trip or camping along the way. This is especially important if you have several cats that may not be welcome in some hotels. Remember that some pet breeds may not be welcome in some areas or campgrounds and you still need to call ahead and find out.

Pack wisely

When preparing for the trip, remember to pack everything that you need for your cat. Make a list of everything that you will require for the vacation and pack enough of everything for the entire trip duration. Some of the items you need to carry include cat crates or car restraints, cat food, toys and treats, food bowls, beds, collars, and a first aid kit. Do not forget proof of vaccinations if you intend to continue vaccinations in a foreign city.

Microchip information

When preparing for the trip, make sure that your pets are micro-chipped and the information is up-to-date. When updating the information, remember to include your mobile phone number. This information can come in very handy if your pet goes missing during your trip.

If your cats are not used to riding in a car, it is a good idea to get some practice before you travel. Take your furry pets for rides or short trips as you prepare. This will help them to adjust and get used to being in the car. Make sure that the cats get plenty of water during the road trip and stop as often as you can for the animals to stretch and get some exercise. This will help to reduce anxiety and it will keep them happy. Exerting activities will tire the cats out, which is great as it prepares them for the next section of the trip.