Dogs are a man’s best friend. Healthy dogs are extremely active and love to play. All good dog owners love their dogs and want to keep them healthy and happy.

The path to wellness might actually be simpler and easier than you would think. So here are a few tips to keep your pet in good shape:

Make regular veterinary visits

Vets are the equivalent of doctors in pets. They are the foundation of your dog’s overall health. Find a good vet and schedule regular visits for routine wellness examinations. The recommended number of visits for a healthy dog is set at twice per year. That’s not so hard, is it? However, puppies and senior dogs should be taken to the veterinary more often than a normal healthy dog. Talk to your vet and get them to recommend to you the appropriate number of annual visits. Dog’s age relatively faster than you. Therefore, you can expect a couple of subtle changes every once in a while. These visits allow you to monitor the health progress of your dog.

Switch to the optimum nutrition

Nutrition contributes a great deal to the overall health of your dog. Its diet directly affects your dog’s coat, energy level, and weight. It also has a direct impact on the gastrointestinal functions. Should an issue related to any of these areas arise, it might as well be linked to an improper diet. Choose a high-quality dog food made by a company with a good reputation.

Exercise often

Fitness doesn’t just happen. It is an accumulation of exercise, play, and activities. Don’t underestimate the value of exercise when it comes to your dog. Take him out for a short walk every day. Spare a few minutes to play fetch with him. These don`t have health benefits just for your dog only. When you spare some minutes to play with your dog or take him for a walk, you are also exercising. If your dog is eating a good diet, they should have the energy to do this. If your dog doesn’t spend this energy exercising, it may be released in destructive ways, such as damaging furniture and books. Also, you want to avoid your dog being overweight.

Dental care

It is so easy to forget about the dental hygiene of your pets until that whiff of bad breath hits you. You do not need to wait till your dog has dental issues to have their teeth checked out. Just as is the case with us humans, plaque and tartar accumulate slowly and can lead to complicated dental issues. Are you aware that you can brush your dog`s teeth? Use oral rinses and give your dog some dental treats every once in a while.

Keep a look out for signs of diseases

In terms of keeping our dogs healthy, we must rely on the signs that they give us since they cannot communicate with us using words. Usually, most health issues in dogs can be identified by the external signs that they exhibit. You need to be watchful of these signs. If some symptoms are persistent or do not resolve themselves after a while, it might be time to get your dog checked out. Request an appointment with a veterinarian today!